As each day dies, are we living on to the next or passing on in the twilight? Rest easy, Jacob, Lisa, Braedon, Medard, Brandin, and other people I knew of who passed on in the twilight before their time. <3> Are we alive, or just breathing? Don't close your eyes, seek the images. Living goes by fast, catch your breath and it will pass you by. And it won't last, to sulk with the memories you hold.


Continuing to expand my musical horizons after listening to basically nothing but “The Eldritch Dark” for a month. First album of the night was Manegarm’s “Havets Vargar”. I have a huge soft spot for Viking themed metal, specifically on the blacker side, all the way from the super black stuff to the more folky stuff. Also I must say, since I’m about to take a Viking age class, I’m getting back in the mood for Viking themed metal…again…;D #manegarm #havetsvargar #vikingblackmetal #blackmetal #metal #swedishmetal

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